Codename Goanna. This project provides a web services library for Eiffel. The library contains clusters that support servlets, end-points (HTTP, CGI, FastCGI), XML-RPC, SOAP, logging (log4e), DOM Level 2, and XML to DOM parsing.

? - migrated project to

2 November 2007 - migrated project to

11 October 2005 - HTML Web Application Framework Added (SVN Only)

12 January 2002 - Release 0.4.

3 June 2001 - Release 0.3.

To check out Goanna into a directory named goanna, type: svn co goanna

To check out Log4e into a directory named log4e, type: svn co log4e

To check out Gpref into a directory named gpref, type: svn co gpref